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About Us

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Global Cyber Vision (“GCV”) is a Romanian company providing innovating solutions and at the same time a strategic partner in cyber security, offering a wide range of services including all required stages: design, implementation and commissioning.

Since its inception, GCV is aimed at offering top-notch information & network security services to the organizations that need to maintain optimum security of sensitive information & network for efficient operation. With years of expertise in security threat identification and prevention, we aim to leverage our knowledge and experience to ensure top-notch security of the organization’s information and network.

Our team has worked in the IT sector and has gained immense expertise in dealing with high-end security projects of different complexity levels. Over the years of our top-end security services, we have served several networking & cyber security projects that include disaster recovery, infrastructural design, networking, and other security-related solutions.

Distinctive feature in GCV’s approach to deliver cybersecurity projects to its customers and contractors is that the goal is not just to perform services like penetration testing and vulnerability assessment following the principles of Ethical Hacking but to provide prevention and defensive strategies based on in-depth knowledge on the most serious and exploited threat vectors for BCP, BEC and Targeted attacks.

With our deep compliance and security expertise, sophisticated threat management capabilities, and support paired with fully integrated technologies and flexible managed services, we help customers get off the “find and fix” treadmill that makes traditional IT untenable. We can help you too – find out how we can enable you to get automated and sustainable around data protection, compliance management and business enablement, while saving time and budget.

GCV offers all around security services and solutions designed and implemented according to each customer business and technical needs. Not only that we provide logistics and technical implementations but for you to benefit at the best we include in our services education and trainings as most efficient methods of knowledge transfer.