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Maximum Lifespan of SSL/TLS Certificates is 398 Days and Starts Today!!!

Cyber security GCV Team todaySeptember 1, 2020 727

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Starting today, the lifespan of new TLS certificates will be limited to 398 days, a little over a year, from the previous maximum certificate lifetime of 27 months (825 days).

In a move that’s meant to boost security, Apple, Google, and Mozilla are set to reject publicly rooted digital certificates in their respective web browsers that expire more than 13 months (or 398 days) from their creation date.

The lifespan of SSL/TLS certificates has shrunk significantly over the last decade. In 2011, the Certification Authority Browser Forum (CA/Browser Forum), a consortium of certification authorities and vendors of browser software, imposed a limit of five years, bringing down the certificate validity period from 8-10 years.

Subsequently, in 2015, it was cut short to three years and two years again in 2018.


Written by: GCV Team

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