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Cyber security + Cybercrime pMLrwRHGEC todayMarch 24, 2020 216

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Many medical devices and other hospital assets now access the Internet – both in encrypted and unencrypted fashion. Billing systems use electronic transfers, medical devices upload vital statistics in real time to electronic health records, hospitals allow patients and visitors access to hospital WiFi, patients are being provided access to protected health information (PHI) via authentication on the Internet – all of these are important aspects of a modern hospital ecosystem.

Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface as medical concept

Whatever the cause of the intrusion, the reputational, structural and, potentially, financial impacts for a hospital may be the same. Industrial espionage intrusions against hospitals and other cyber criminals, have attempted to penetrate hospitals and health care companies to steal employee data and personally identifiable information and PHI of patients to sell in online black markets. There even exists the threat of cyber terrorism against a hospital.

In short, every hospital should care about cybersecurity. Taking steps to improve the security of each device and the ecosystem can mitigate the threat to the hospital’s overall infrastructure and reduce cybersecurity risks.

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