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In many cases, passwords are the primary line of defense protecting user accounts from being hijacked in an ATO attack. With the right policies and parameters in place to ensure strong, unique passwords, this defense can be quite effective.

According to a 2019 survey by Google, a staggering 65% of participants report using the same password across multiple accounts.

The following measures could be efficient:

● Monitor for Compromised Credentials – Dumps containing compromised passwords, usernames, and other credentials are easy pickings for threat actors.

● Use a Password Manager – It bears repeating: password managers are an easy, efficient way for users to maintain unique passwords for each account.

● Know When to Reset Passwords – Pros. are increasingly coming around to the realization that automatically forcing password resets at a specified time interval does not reduce the likelihood of accounts being compromised. Forcing users to frequently come up with new passwords can encourage them to reuse a password they’re already using for another account.

● Enforce Complexity and Uniqueness Standards.

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